Facial & Body Treatments

Facial & Body Treatments

Thea Facial Treatments

Organic enriched skincare…

Thea have bottled the benefits of bountiful ingredients such as fruit extracts, plant oils, tea extracts, herbs, roots, natural butters, algae and flowers. Brilliant botanicals, blended together to suit your individual skin concerns.

Renew, Revitalise and lastingly love your skin!

Take a look at the skin ranges Thea offer and put it into one of our wonderful facials for a luxurious treat for not only your skin but mind and body as well!

Thea Age Revival Range… Revive and Lift Your Skin

The Age Revival Range of natural, organic anti aging skin care products, are luxurious and especially designed for prematurely aging skin!

This range offers velvet soft, beautifully scented natural moisturisers, serums and skin firming products to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, whilst restoring elasticity and radiance.

It is enriched with hydrating organic antioxidants – such as Roobious and Green Tea to protect and repair mature skin, as well as deeply nutritional plant oils, purifying fruit extracts and high quality essential oils.

Thea Super Nourish Range… Hydrate and Nourish Your Skin

Thea Super Nourish is a sumptuous range of nourishing natural and organic skin care products for dry skin. This skincare range is especially good for aging skin that also suffers with extreme dryness. The specialist skincare formulas have been developed using natures finest anti-aging ingredients such as Rose, natural skin firming and lifting ingredients such as DMAE, MSM, Rooibos and pomegranate extract, along with Hyaluronic acid, working together to provide your skin with age-defying ingredients to minimise fine lines and to rejuvenate your skin, leaving it toned and firm.

Thea Face Renew Range… Brighten and Clear Your Skin

These revolutionary skin brightening, high performance skincare products have been developed by professional skincare specialists to promote radiance, improve skin texture and reduce pigmentation! Our natural skin brightening system consists of skin-enhancing products made from natural, mild fruit enzymes to renew and brighten the complexion, increase elasticity and smooth fine lines and wrinkles by deeply hydrating the skin.

Thea Perfect Me Range … Care and Protect Your Skin

Perfect me is indeed the perfect range for combination sensitive skin. This gentle range of natural and organic products includes the most sumptuous moisturisers that contain high quality essential oils that are deeply nutritious.

Each of the products in this range promises to hydrate and protect the skin, increasing elasticity and adding a dewy radiance for pure natural beauty.

Formulated with delicious ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera, Coconut and avocado oils, Pineapple, Papaya, Rosehip, Lavender, and White Tea. The moisturisers, cleansers and face masks are kind enough to be used on sensitive and sun-damaged skin.

Thea Rebalance Range… Clear and Tone Your Skin

Thea rebalance is a range of high performance skincare derived from nature. This range is amazing at treating acne, blemishes, excessive shine and oil production.

This beautiful range of organic acne treatments is pH Balanced and will not only treat the root cause of the acne but also nourish oily skin, rehydrate and treat spots and blemishes whilst reducing scarring and redness.

Now you can choose your facial… Thea Essential Facial 30 mins £28

A perfect introductory treatment for those who are new to facials or who are a little short of time!

Thea Signature Facial 1 hour 15 mins

A luxurious facial using products specifically selected for your skin type and concerns, incorporating a relaxing head neck and shoulder & hand and arm massage.

Thea Spa Facial 1 hour 45 mins £58

The crème de la crème of facials! This ultimately indulgent facial is tailor made to suit your skin type and concerns. It starts with a relaxing welcome back and foot massage and also a wonderfully soothing head neck and shoulder & hand and arm massage.

You will be truly in a state of pure zen after this facial, not to mention your glowing skin!

Thea Signature Eye Treatment 30 mins £25

Designed specifically for the delicate eye area! To reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. Perfect before a special occasion or to keep up with every month.

Thea Body Treatments

Organic enriched skincare, which uses high quality of essential oils and deeply nourishing creams to help with hydration and firming.

Thea Back Massage 30 mins £20

Weather you like a deep tissue massage to get rid of those nasty knots or just a bit of relaxation to let the stresses of the day. This is 30 minutes of bliss!

Thea Full Body Massage 1 hour 30 mins £45

An absolute favourite loved by all. Let all those stresses and aches and pains leave you body as you lay and let every muscle relax. A top to toe treatment that will leave you tension-free and walking on air! Using a blend of essential oils perfect for your mind body and soul.

Thea Polish And Glow 1 hour £30

The polish and glow treatment is perfect to keep your skin in tip top condition.

A super exfoliation treatment ridding you of dead skin build up and allowing the penetration of your choice

of the ultimate toning cream or a hydrating body oil.

Perfect for before or after a holiday or just simply for a treat!

*please note, all of our skincare are available as retail products if you wish to carry on the feeling of wonderfully nourished skin at home! A full prescription will be written out for you after your facial so you know exactly what your skin needs.